You demonstrate your abilities and values as a trusted advisor through controlled and effective communication, not through perceived irrelevant messaging.

The middle child is neither the eldest child nor the youngest. The middle child is stuck in the middle of your family hierarchy.

You cannot assume that others typically know, have the time to find out, or even care to monitor highlights in your practice, keep track of your social media footprint, and see the values you potentially bring to them.

Happy 2020! What better time than the new year to adapt innovative strategies and processes to make yourself more effective.

Too often, you may not see or search for the opportunities ahead of you. Current success, busyness, lack of immediacy, and simple inertia may distort your clearness as to next steps or simply blind you to what lies ahead.

As your clients have many options driving their business case for counsel, your firm needs to remain nimble in servicing your clients and addressing their legal needs.

For years, law firms like yours have been focusing their attentions on associate recruitment, training and development, elevation, and transition strategies.

To attain your goals, you want to manage others’ perceptions. But you cannot control how others perceive you.

Your firm is not alone in grappling if and when professional coaching should be applied at your firm and how best to roll it out.

You want to be your clients’ choice. Your clients have a large pool of external counsel from whom to choose their trusted advisors.