Nothing beats a happy consumer.

Someone who is so impressed by a service, they want to buy the company.

That happened in 1979 when entrepreneur Victor Kiam was given a Remington razor by his wife.

Not only did he buy the company. As its CEO, Victor Kiam became Remington’s marketing machine. The straightforward television ad of him at his desk describing the virtues of the razor and why he bought the company catapulted the fortunes of Remington.

The Remington razor will always be associated with Victor Kiam.

When your clients are so impressed with your services, they will always be associated with you.

It is as if they bought your company.

Clients will buy your company when you lead fearlessly. You manage their expectations, delegate responsibly, respond pragmatically, and advocate productively.

Clients will buy your company when they feel your love. They know you have other clients but appreciate how you treat and service them as if they are your only concern.

Clients will buy your company when you hold your ground. They trust your judgment whenever you say no to what they want and respect you for suggesting an alternative solution.

Ask yourself: would Victor Kiam buy my company?

Let it rain.

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