With it being December 2020, you can finally turn the year’s last calendar page and pay tribute to your client efforts in the most challenging and extraordinary year.

I am proud that today marks After It Rains’ 50th blog episode. I am committed to assisting you further with your business development ventures and daily deliverables.

Pivot has become the word du jour these last months. Admittedly, I have used it often to help clients view their situations through new or different lenses. Now it is my turn to pivot.

Like the door frame your parents used to keep track of your childhood growth and development, you want a trustworthy lens through which you regularly assess your professional and personal effectiveness.

Each day you juggle myriad matters of varying importance and urgency that demand not only your attention but decisive action.

To keep your business relationship bar high, you want to clearly draw the line between being friends vs. friendly.

When you communicate without personal management, you remove yourself from your discussion’s power source.

When the earth stands still, it takes deliberate focus and skilled precision to hit your mark and succeed in your communication efforts.

You demonstrate your abilities and values as a trusted advisor through controlled and effective communication, not through perceived irrelevant messaging.

The middle child is neither the eldest child nor the youngest. The middle child is stuck in the middle of your family hierarchy.