Grounded and risk are contradictory terms that are effective when linked together.

Risk likelihood is an entrepreneurial lawyer’s occupational hazard. Being grounded enables you to confront and mitigate risk that can prevent you from realizing your goals.

You stand on firm ground by being authentic. Staying true to yourself, you exude authority and command presence. Leading authentically, you rise to challenges and leverage your practice efficiency. You trust your instincts and earn your stakeholders’ trust to deliver the right solutions.

You stand on firm ground by managing perceptions. You have a unique “signature” that you control, which lets you market your values and brand to your clients. You may not determine your success, but only you decide how you want to act. Staying grounded enables you to be perceived how you want to be seen.

You stand on firm ground by owning your business plan. Building, growing, and sustaining your entrepreneurial business is an evolving initiative. Many factors contribute to the volatility that will regularly accompany your efforts. A robust business blueprint is essential to distinguish you from your competitors.

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Let it rain.

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