October and Hallowe’en masks go hand in hand.

Or so I reasoned in February 2020 when shooting my year’s worth of videos and earmarked October’s, Remove Your Mask. The video explored how your effectiveness can be hidden behind a superficial mask, which not only disguises how you want to be seen but conceals your value.

Good intentions, bad timing.

By its October 2020 release time, the video’s literal message was unsuitable to air during the pandemic.

Video #49 was shelved.

Two years later, Video #49 is ready to challenge you to remove your mask.

And I am ready for my Hallowe’en challenge.

I hide behind and want to remove my video mask. Along with their innate inflexibility, time, content, and cost constraints, prepared videos confine me to a static information-sharing platform. My blog voice speaks more eloquently and succinctly, communicates more effectively and naturally, and delivers current spotlights on topics I want to share with my readers.

And I get the same return, if not more, for my efforts.

Do not hide behind a mask.

Tune into After It Rains, video #49. See how to reveal the real you.

Let it rain.

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