Pivot is widely acknowledged as one of the most over-used and cringe-worthy words of the last 20 months.

I value the ability to pivot. And have extolled its strategic virtues for years. Mea culpa.

Pivot is timeless.

You always pivot to stay relevant, to actively take control of yourself and situations. You may not always originate the need or desire to pivot, but you pivot to demonstrate your ability and tenacity to change and confront your current status quo.

You always pivot when you make tough decisions, even when you second guess your own motives and actions. Pivoting may not resolve your dilemma, even make it worse. But you can always pivot again.

You always pivot to refocus or expand your expertise, provide additional client services, and pitch to prospective clients. Pivoting enables you to better manage your professional and personal responsibilities and expectations and communicate with clarity.

Pivot does not have a best before date. It is an enduring and effective option.

Pivot proactively. Share your success. Continue moving forward.

Let it rain.

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