Your actions deeply influence how your stakeholders perceive you. Your ongoing success rests on your ability to effectively manage your range of assets and liabilities.

When you leverage your assets, you are seen as a desired advisor. You handle crises, set an authoritative tone, and get things done.

When your liabilities highjack your efforts, you become redundant. Frustrated clients question your judgment and dismiss your advice.

Stop alienating backers whose support and referrals are vital to your livelihood and reputation.

Track your accomplishments. You maintain and grow your essential relationships when you consistently audit your workflow, and critically review how you share your deliverables.

Step up and take risks. Not all potential is apparent or trusted from the outset. Challenge yourself by relying on your experience and the thrill of innovating and adding value.

Modulate your responsiveness . You are more nuanced than an on-off switch. Your patience, assertiveness, and confidence highlight those abilities that let you provide consistent and trusted guidance.

You influence others’ perception when you own the power of your actions.

Let it rain.

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