Leveraging my entrepreneurial spirit, I will apply After It Rains’ expanding suite of Insights to my latest venture, The Entrepreneurial Lawyer.

As counterintuitive as it sounds when you lean into the wind you propel yourself forward.

This 54th episode in the After It Rains blog will provide tips for propelling yourself forward to stay on track.

Debra and her fellow panelists provided practical tips, strategies, and new self-controls that, even during time of stress or crisis, will enable you to be perceived the way you want in your legal practice, and particularly when dealing with those who are key to you achieving your goals.

You want to be perceived as a leading legal authority, effective change agent, and preferred trusted advisor.

To stay ahead of the curve, this 53rd episode in the After It Rains blog will show you the value of always having skin in the game.

Debra’s workshop provided guidance to over 400 registrants - current Fordham law students and junior and mid-level attorneys - on building, maintaining, and sustaining relationships from A to Z, especially in a remote environment.

Acknowledging that shift happens, this 52nd episode in the After It Rains blog will help you be an even more successful gatekeeper in 2021

What better way to welcome 2021 than committing to allocate your time and execute your efforts more effectively. If nothing else, 2020 has amply magnified that shift happens.

This 51st episode in the After It Rains blog will help you adapt new branding attributes in 2021, so you are perceived as effective, if not more successful, than you have been seen in 2020.