Jul 2017

July 2017 (US)

July 2017 (US)
Maximizing Law Firm Profitability: Hiring, Training and Developing Productive Lawyers
Law Journal Press

In the latest update of her publication, Maximizing Law Firm Profitability: Hiring, Training and Developing Productive Lawyers​, Debra Forman demonstrates how investing in an on-trend professional development environment ​enables​ law firms ​to steadily maximize their profitability. Release 37 provides strategic insights that directly enable law firms and their lawyers to further develop and maintain their market share and sustain their business through successful practices and client relationships. Featured expanded chapter on law firm professional development deals comprehensively with benchmarks, competencies, and expectations; establishing a firm-wide professional development program to enhance productivity and success; gauging success and striving for best practices; and case study on listening and communication skills development.

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