To attain your goals, you want to manage others’ perceptions.

But you cannot control how others perceive you.

And you often get in your own way of success.

Your sharpness of tone, rolling of eyes, belligerent messaging, or rogue behaviour are just some reactions that influence how others perceive you.

But not how you want to be seen.

You also lose control when others anticipate how you’ll respond or goad you to act in a way that will diminish your effectiveness.

You’re not a puppet.

Don’t let anyone pull your strings.

Instead, influence how others relate to you.

Understand what motivates your audience.

Anticipate how others might react.

Bottomline, you do control how you think, feel, and act.

To be perceived as you want to be seen, tune into After It Rains, video #36, and stop acting like a puppet whose strings are being pulled.

Let it rain.

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