Your firm is not alone in grappling if and when professional coaching should be applied at your firm and how best to roll it out.

Coaching has the ingrained flexibility to help your lawyers turn their fortunes around, regardless of their circumstance.

When partnering with internal and external coaches, your firm signals the value it holds for all your lawyers to focus on being more efficient and effective.

To enable your coaching initiative to succeed, put coaching in a progressive light.

Coaching should not be seen as a punishment.

Instead, you want to use coaching as a key resource that recognizes the value you place in your lawyers’ success.

In the end, you want to send a simple message to your lawyers. If you’re being coached, you’re a keeper.

To help you promote a coaching environment at your firm, tune into After It Rains, video #35, and continue to enable your talent’s success.

Let it rain.

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