Your communication or leadership style is your personal stamp. The more aware you are of how your communication values contribute to your success as a leader, the more likely you will be to succeed. There are two interconnected values you want included in your leadership stamp: using judgment and being accessible.

Sound judgment helps you earn and maintain trust. As so much of what you do depends on messaging and ensuring that your signals are clear and targeted, it is vital that you use sound judgment with each communication.

In terms of being accessible, the more transparent you are the more you will be perceived as being trustworthy. Being accessible does not have to mean that you are never in control of your time or work. On the contrary, it is being proactive, responsive and directive.  When you are accessible, you are being available in real time and communicating at a more engaged level.

To further develop your leadership stamp, tune in to After It Rains, video episode #8, and learn new ways to contribute to your success.

Let it rain.

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