Everyone wants to win.

It is a given that it can be very frustrating and disappointing not to win, whether your effort is on winning a proposal for new business, court case, leadership position, or any other goal you set to achieve.

To win and experience are deeply entwined. You do not lose by not winning.

Instead, you gain valuable and tangible experience particularly when you fail at attaining the goal you initially sought. When you win you focus on the win, full stop. When you fail, you can look beyond the win and take in the experience in its entirety.

Often the experience will enrich your efforts and advancement, even more than you would have gained from the win that eluded you.

You want to celebrate your efforts and the experience you gained in engaging in each experience, regardless of the outcome.

To ensure that you don’t ignore or devalue the experience you win with each effort, tune in to After It Rains, video #24, to learn how to leverage your efforts more effectively.

Let it rain.

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