With it being December 2020, you can finally turn the year’s last calendar page and pay tribute to your client efforts in the most challenging and extraordinary year. In anticipation of 2021, be even more effective in branding your attributes to your stakeholders.

The pandemic has shown that you cannot control all aspects of your personal and professional life. Similarly, you cannot control how others perceive your brand. That said, during these difficult months, you have demonstrated to yourself, and others, that you do control your creativity, pace, and raw grit in responding to economic uncertainties and demands; because you always control what you brand and show others. In 2020, you flexed your brand attributes by improving what you have already been providing your clients and nimbly delivering new solutions and services.

Think how you will further excel in 2021 as you proactively control and leverage your brand as you manage your client wants.

What will you brand?

Tune into After It Rains, video #51, and consider adapting new branding attributes in 2021, so you are perceived as effective, if not more successful, than you have been seen in 2020.

Let it rain.

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