At any given time of the day, you are typically on either side of the communication equation: the speaker’s side or the listener’s side. Regardless of your position, you want to take care with your communication so it will be received and acted on effectively and appropriately.

You communicate without care when you empty out your words, raise your voice louder, or repeat the same message if you feel your listener is not understanding what you want them to do. Instead, take care with your messaging and stay focused on not only what you communicate but how you are being perceived by the person with whom you are interacting.

The same reasonableness and consideration needs to be applied when you are the listener. You will hear and respond to what others are saying when you let them talk, acknowledge their contributions to the conversation, and affirm the value of their concerns.

To show that you care when you communicate, tune in to After It Rains, video episode #11, and learn tips on how to bring each communication to a successful conclusion.

Let it rain.

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