When you communicate without personal management, you remove yourself from your discussion’s power source. When you are no longer recognized as a trusted advisor you lose the ability to sway those decisions you want to achieve. Your interactions can quickly escalate to being seen as difficult conversations, and you being perceived by others as a difficult person.

Many discussions are not labeled challenging at the outset. Your commitment to the matter is a pivotal factor. Without staying engaged, it is as if you lose control of your inner compass and completely change the direction and intent of what you want to say or have others do. Instead of showing your leadership tendencies, you appear destructive and irrelevant. You become your own worst enemy.

When you stay focused on every issue you remain anchored at the core of each process. You project and leverage appropriate values and show others your determination to build influence and deliver impact.

To hold yourself accountable and lead with purpose, tune into After It Rains, video #45, and acquire takeaways that will stop you from being your own worst enemy.

Let it rain.

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