Being the middle child is like drawing the short straw.

The middle child is neither the eldest child nor the youngest. The middle child is stuck in the middle of your family hierarchy.

It is the same positioning if your firm has Counsel. Your Counsel are neither associates nor partners. Your Counsel are stuck in the middle of your firm’s hierarchy.

Like the middle child, your Counsel have to make more effort to be seen and heard.

Your firm may not be as proactive and consistent in assisting your Counsel as you are with regard to the development of your associates and partners. Too often, your Counsel miss out on professional and client opportunities and economic advancement as they simply do not have sponsors in their corner.

Your firm needs to invest in your Counsel so these lawyers flourish in their standing.

To acknowledge and champion your Counsel’s values, tune into After It Rains, video #42, and develop procedures that will show how your firm invests in all your lawyers.

Let it rain.

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