A law firm alliance is a collaborative innovation that has varying levels of intimacy, exclusivity, and binding allegiances.

If your firm is looking to service a client in a jurisdiction where you do not have an office, and may need counsel on a regular basis but not so frequently or critically that you would merge with a local firm, consider joining an alliance.

An alliance is a viable option for building relationships with other counsel and sharing referrals without having to jump into a formal arrangement that could prove too costly, binding or, simply, unnecessary.

Exploring a law firm alliance is an effective way to involve junior partners on firm management initiatives. New eyes and blood will provide the firm with fresh ideas and insights.

Similarly, this initiative would be an opportunity for more senior lawyers at your firm to leverage their networks and assist the firm in creating an innovative alliance.

To further explore the potential of a law firm alliance, tune in to After It Rains, episode #22, to gain additional insights into choosing the right initiative for your firm.

Let it rain.

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