At the best of times, it’s OK to be silent.

You demonstrate your abilities and values as a trusted advisor through controlled and effective communication, not through perceived irrelevant messaging.

During these extraordinary times, it’s still OK to be silent.

It is important for you to reach out and reassure your clients and contacts that you are there for them and their businesses. It is remarkable how much data you have produced in such a small window of time to inform your network on critical legal and business concerns.

But even in this new normal, you want to highlight your ability to be nimble and strategic as to what you communicate, how often you reach out, and particularly what you share and with whom.  During these trying times, you especially want to ensure that your current and potential clients perceive and leverage your value.

To continue being proactive and creative in managing your communication effectiveness, tune into After It Rains, video #43, and remain confident in being silent.

Stay home. Stay safe. Let it rain.

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