When the earth stands still, it takes deliberate focus and skilled precision to hit your mark and succeed in your communication efforts. In times like these, you specifically want to sharpen your ability to speak with clarity, act decisively, and lead tactically.

Your current situation may tempt you to display a lot of misplaced and wasted energy on efforts that could cost your client dearly. Conversely, you may become so focused and blinded to meeting the exact answer that you fail to provide your client with any solution or potential justification for billing your work.

Regardless of your current circumstance, you want to consistently hit your mark and add value to your clients’ business accomplishments. During these turbulent times, you especially want to come across as being composed, strategic, and experienced to execute nimbly and effectively. When you effectually target your clients’ wants and needs, you will not only earn but maintain and sustain their trust.

To consistently hit your mark, tune into After It Rains, video #44, and project your confidence and presence like a trusted advisor.

Stay home. Stay safe. Let it rain.

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