I am proud that today marks After It Rains’ 50th blog episode. I am committed to assisting you further with your business development ventures and daily deliverables.

When we publicly promise to follow through on an event, we hold ourselves accountable to that action. To reach our goal, we need to articulate, own, and pursue what we want to achieve. When we trust in our ability to accomplish these acts, we define and leverage fundamental standards by which we measure, motivate, and challenge ourselves to excel.

I hold myself accountable by trusting and embracing key values. To salute this blog’s golden event, here are my golden rules that direct each action I undertake and empower me to succeed:

  • Maintain your integrity.
  • Be innovative, entrepreneurial, and creative.
  • Stay relevant, not white noise.
  • You are your brand, own how others see you.
  • Follow the money, be market.

Now it is your turn to own your golden rules. Tune into After It Rains, video #50, and get inspired to move the needle of your success.

Let it rain.

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