You always want closure. The follow up is the most sensitive part of your relationship endeavors. If you don’t close the circle on your efforts, you potentially leave money on the table.

Too frequently, you get in your own way and do not get to close.

You hesitate to follow up with your relationship partners, may not know what to say, don’t want to hear anything negative or deal with a rejection.

And when you do follow up, your tactics are less than ideal. You may come on too strong, with the potential of alienating your relationship partners. Your efforts may net you the silent treatment or no response at all. Or you receive an embarrassed reply from your relationships that their hands are tied.

Getting to close involves you moving in the same direction as your relationship partners and letting them take the lead. You are always tied to their timing and must respect their process.

To ensure a positive and profitable outcome to your relationship efforts, tune in to After It Rains, video #33, and get to close.

Let it rain.

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