How should you wrap your arms around being innovative? Focus on your innovativeness as a direct relationship to your productivity and efficiencies, talent development, and career progression. The net result will be that you and your firm are trusted and respected, and your client service executed successfully.

Sponsoring and supporting innovativeness does not require that you and your firm do a clean sweep of all your products, services, and processes for the sake of change. Nor do you need to categorically adapt new and, potentially, untested procedures across the board.

When you foster innovativeness, you review all your practice and self-management processes through a critical lens. You consistently keep your eye on your business and how you react and interact with your stakeholders.

You will then adapt procedures and practices that will enable you to reach your goals.

Your critical review should be a balance and check process, where good judgment and business savvy play major roles.

To develop more objective and time-invested procedures, tune in to After It Rains, video episode #13, and innovativeness will be found, appreciated and adapted.

Let it rain.

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