You may prevent yourself from embracing change, because you do not see the business case for implementing change. Or you may be a strong proponent of the adage if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Perhaps you are really challenged in making decisions.

When you resist change, you hold yourself back from moving forward, experiencing opportunities, and displaying your leadership abilities.
It is time to break your default tendencies to resist change and take risk.

Changing something does not have to be a monumental experience.

Sharing ideas and fears can create better products or underline bad choices.

Sometimes you can introduce your best intentions even if questioning or doubting your own suggestions.

When you allow yourself to occasionally consider change through a more relaxed and playful lens you can influence serious and profitable returns.
To take advantage of the wide range of paths available to reach your goal, tune in to After It Rains, video #25, and embrace the change that is within your grasp.

Let it rain.

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