Reaching your goals is a complicated process.

You start with a goal that you want to reach. You then articulate and communicate your goal’s intent to your listeners.

The way you communicate your intentions deeply influences how your listeners will act and react. When you leverage your intent effectively, your listeners will clearly receive your direction, and will act accordingly.

But sometimes your communication efforts backfire and you are not perceived the way you want to be seen.

How do you go from having a clear and specific intent to being ill-perceived?

You may sabotage your intentions by sending out wrong or conflicting signals that thwart your goals.

Regardless if you have good intentions, your messaging is unacceptable to your listener.

Unacceptable messaging makes you an unacceptable messenger. You become a victim to your ineffective communication style.

To avoid becoming collateral damage, tune in to After It Rains, video #26, to ensure that your intentions are successful, and you better manage how you are perceived.

Let it rain.

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