When certain information does not get shared, your firm becomes a black box firm.

It can be a quick and very slippery downward slope from any initial break in communication.

That is how your firm can quickly become a black box firm.

Be a white box firm. The mantra of your firm should be to keep the communication channels open.

When your values are focused on having a clear and transparent culture, your management team will epitomize openness and accessibility.

Regardless of the size of your firm, all attempts should be made to make information and firm news accessible.

There is no need for surprises, especially around key cyclical firm events and practices that are woven into your firm’s fabric.

In a white box firm, visibility and clarity of process go hand in hand.

Your firm’s transparent canvas is as wide as you want to make it.

To succeed as a white box firm, tune in to After It Rains, video #29, to de-mystify all firm processes as they relate to all your stakeholders.

Let it rain.

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