Your team is integral to your firm’s success and you want to consistently use them effectively to service your clients. To be successful, you want to act like the manager of a baseball club. Compare your lawyers to baseball players and think of your client matters as specific ball games.

Like ball players, when your lawyers are well-positioned and prepared, they will effectively carry out their responsibilities on their projects.

You want to ensure you utilize your lawyers strategically, inning after inning, matter after matter.

There may be nine key players who lead on any ball team. As with effective player rotation, when you leverage your lawyers you are steadily strategizing by keeping your eye on the ball and on your profitability.

You will better manage each matter’s batting or lineup order when you constantly evaluate your lawyers’ strengths and areas for improvement, and prevent yourself from reaching out for the same lawyer or randomly choosing someone because of convenience.

To continue to hit your home runs, tune in to After It Rains, video #14, and you will always put your best team forward.

Let it rain.

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