Too frequently, you are reactive in your tendencies when dealing with complicated matters and rectifying situations. Your adrenalin rush to right your wrong has you acting in ways that may not be conducive to achieving your best results.

A speedy resolution is not the outcome you want. The right solution is and should always be your goal. Slow down your impulses to hammer out an instant remedy. Instead, apply a slow fix.

Instead of avoiding problems, confront them head on and solve them as quickly as you can. You can’t hide the fact that an issue has happened, assume it will go away or that no one will notice. Acknowledge there’s a problem, apologize for the situation, and move to a resolution. Take responsibility and ownership for your crisis, however big.  Demonstrate by your actions that you will rectify and move the matter forward.

To effectively apply a slow fix, tune in to After It Rains, video #20, and learn how a methodical and open review enables you to progressively move forward.

Let it rain.

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