Welcome to 2016 and After It Rains, a new, practical blog from Pinstripe that picks up from the former Making Rain video series, which has now concluded after a successful six-year run.

After It Rains targets all things related to your successful business: developing your personal and professional brand; attracting new clients; and growing and maintaining your business relationships. Pinstripe’s new blog will not only focus your efforts on making rain and developing your business; it will also enable you to realize your professional goals after it rains.

This year, I challenge you to add a new twist to your New Year’s resolution to succeed and develop new business in 2016.

Instead of focusing on what you want, target your clients’ wants. What better time than the start of a new year to ensure that you are truly vested in your client relationships, adding value and servicing your clients to the best of your ability. Too often, you focus only on your side of the equation and forget to truly listen and hear what your clients want. By shifting focus, you will be more successful.

What do your clients want? They want you to be accessible, price-conscious and sound in your judgment. They want you to be interested in and knowledgeable about their business. They want you always to think two or three steps ahead, and to be focused on them and their team. They want you to be a critical and independent thinker, to communicate all deliverables effectively and proactively. They want you to balance loyalty with the ability to take a tough stand when needed.

What do you want? You want to earn and sustain the trust of each of your clients. You also want to be valued as their trusted advisor by making the right choice and not just saying what they want to hear.

This understanding will enable you to make a focused business development resolution that will lead to your success in 2016.

Let it rain.

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    Sharon Druker

    07 01 2016

    Debra, the blog looks great and I am looking forward to reading it regularly. I can’t believe you were doing the videos (which were wonderful) for 6 years! Love the new website format.

    • Reply


      11 01 2016

      Sharon, thank you so much for the feedback! I will be launching a new video series in the coming months–please stay tuned! Best, Debra

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    Kathleen Peace

    08 01 2016

    Hello Debra,
    I’d like to receive your blogs without having to remember to come to your site … if you have a distribution list would you kindly add me to it.
    Many thanks,
    Kathleen Peace

    • Reply

      Debra Forman

      12 01 2016


      Thank you for your interest. We have a link on the blog page that will enable you to join our distribution list by providing your email address.


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