It is fair to say that there is no better satisfaction for a professional service provider than being contacted through a referral source. Sometimes the most unlikely contact can deliver a lucrative and once in a lifetime mandate. Referrals are particularly effective when there is potential for reciprocation. To increase your appropriate rate of return, build a healthy network, and treat and value each relationship as a potential referral source. A key to your success is to stay attentive to these efforts.

You will stay alert to your referrals and strengthen your referral relationships when you follow up with your contacts, even if nothing is to come of the referral. Let your sources know how you value their intentions. They will likely continue to look for opportunities for you. Staying alert to your referrals will also provide a lens through which you can gauge the effectiveness and appropriateness of your reciprocal arrangements. If you find that some referral sources are not as qualified or as professional as you thought, refer work elsewhere with the next opportunity.

For more effective tips on further developing bonds with your referral sources, tune in to Making Rain, video #67.

Making Rain: Episode 67

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