There is no better way to develop deeper relations with your connections than to be active within their world. Instead of launching many of your networking activities from the comforts of your office, phone and computer, look for ways to build strong and lasting relationships with your clients face-to-face on their turf. When you literally move your efforts to your prospect’s side of the equation, you will gain a new focus on your accomplishments.

Consider hanging out in your target group’s industry associations to gain key access to those stakeholders with whom you want to network and develop business. Take time to find the right entry point within these organizations and to pace yourself through your investments of time and energy. As you gain more comfort and familiarity with your initiatives, you will choose your best platform and gauge when, if at all, to fairly pull the plug on your participation. When you balance your relationship development investments effectively, your efforts will pay you dividends.

For more effective tips on how to be increase your visibility and bring value-add to your network, tune in to Making Rain, video #66.

Making Rain: Episode 66

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