To communicate effectively, it is OK for you to stay quiet. In fact, to succeed as a trusted advisor, I challenge you to balance your urge to always hear your voice and speak your mind with the ability to choose and embrace the right moment to be silent. Consider letting others speak first, learning about and following the situation by simply asking directive questions, and then speaking to the situation, if necessary. You will demonstrate your abilities more positively through this form of controlled communication.

When communicating, you want to practice restraint and ensure that you are acknowledging and responding to what is always being asked. Punctuate everything you discuss with appropriate silence and respectful pauses, so your listener can take in your words, truly consider their meaning and respond, as appropriate. If someone has said what you planned to say, do not repeat their message for the sake of repeating or to make sure others know you were thinking the same.

For more effective tips on enabling and promoting change by letting others carry the conversation, tune in to Making Rain, video #65.

Making Rain: Episode 65

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