​Many of us challenge ourselves and devote our time to organized events where our contributions are as wide ranging as volunteering, donating to a fundraising drive or running a 5K race. But how many of us challenge ourselves and dedicate the same time commitments to focusing on our own needs by volunteering, contributing or racing to improve our professional best and attain new limits of success?

Too frequently, you let your own personal campaigns limp to the finish line. Between professional and personal commitments and extra-curricular activities and interests you simply run out of bandwidth and focus when it comes to tackling those matters that can assist you to achieve better and more satisfying results.

You need to apply the same, or even higher, energy and conviction to those areas of your life that may currently be wanting a boost of your attention. Consider, for example, focusing your time on your personal branding, practice management, client and contact touches and delegation and follow-up skill development. Like your assistance in your charitable events, any added value you can bring to the table as a personal challenge will only help to move you closer to reaching your goals.

For further insights on challenging yourself to your personal bests, tune in to Making Rain’s video #63.

Making Rain: Episode 63

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