If you want to be more effective with your time, you are the target of this post. How often do you think about time and how it relates to you and what you need to do? If you are like most people, this is a typical occurrence. Talking about time, or the lack thereof, may be a major preoccupation of yours, where you find yourself almost victimized to watch time and bemoan the fact that it flies by.

Fixating on the passing of time is a waste of your time. Simply put, time cannot be controlled, stopped or even cajoled. Regardless of any extraordinary efforts you may want or try to employ, time will endlessly pass. Tick tock.

Where you want to focus your efforts is in controlling yourself within the confines of time. Instead of losing energy and time on factors out of your control, be proactive and enable yourself to move forward effectively and strategically.

Ensuring that you are as prepared as you can be is a major step forward in confronting any of your time-wasting tendencies. As you cannot account for the unknown, being prepared will always give you a leg up in delegating time to new clients, projects or crises.

Knowing what is on your plate or what you want to accomplish will further enable you to control yourself in time. Own it by making it real: write it down or schedule it in. When your commitments are visible it is harder to procrastinate. By confronting your tasks head-on, you truly will become your own gatekeeper and be more effective with your time.

For further insights on being your own gatekeeper, tune in to Making Rain’s video #62.

Making Rain: Episode 62

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