During her interactive one-hour session to the Latin American and Canadian members of the International Women’s Insolvency & Restructuring Confederation (IWIRC), Debra interlaced key themes requisite for maximizing profitability and personal effectiveness, and provided tips on building relationships and thriving in today’s financial services market.

Debra and her fellow panelists provided practical tips, strategies, and new self-controls that, even during time of stress or crisis, will enable you to be perceived the way you want in your legal practice, and particularly when dealing with those who are key to you achieving your goals.

Debra’s workshop provided guidance to over 400 registrants - current Fordham law students and junior and mid-level attorneys - on building, maintaining, and sustaining relationships from A to Z, especially in a remote environment.

Pinstripe is a proud sponsor of the Lithuanian Young Bar Association (LJLL)'s "LJAA Young Attorney of the Year 2020.

Debra Forman is an Exhibitor and the only coach providing individual coaching sessions during AIJA's inaugural Commission's Month, October 20-November 20, 2020.

In her inaugural OPEN MIC AIJA session, “See You in September,” Debra Forman led an interactive discussion on how to prepare for Q4 and deal with your practice and clients pragmatically, creatively, and effectively.

Debra Forman joined AIJA President Paola Fudakowska’s ‘Virtual Coffee with the President’ on May 29. This week’s chat featured an Open Mic session with Debra addressing issues related to client and firm management issues.

Debra Forman was a panelist at the first Legalmondo interactive webinar, which rather than dwelling solely on the present COVID-19 crisis will peak over the horizon and share how to prepare for a return to a “new normal.” The panel discussed what comes next, with a focus on business and communication strategies.

Debra Forman, a member of the Association of Corporate Counsel's (ACC) team of highly experienced career coaches, will leverage her particular coaching expertise in helping ACC lawyers attain their professional development goals.

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched every country on the globe, sparing no nation from the wake of its outbreak. Like you, lawyers around the world are in varying states of physical distancing, continuing to service their clients as best as they can.