This 34th episode in the After It Rains blog will help you to stay on top of your client efforts and be chosen as your clients’ trusted advisor.

This 33rd video in the After It Rains blog will enable you to have a positive and profitable outcome to your relationship efforts when getting to close.

You may think because you hire more lawyers to build your firm’s bench strength and dedicate resources to get business all will add up to winning more work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

This 32nd video in the After It Rains blog will assist you to continue to tap into the lasting value of LinkedIn and leverage your visibility effectively.

Now is the time to embrace the new year and commit to those resolutions you want to realize in 2019.

As this is the last episode of 2018, take inventory of your business development achievements of the past year.

When certain information does not get shared, your firm becomes a black box firm. It can be a quick and very slippery downward slope from any initial break in communication.

Responsibility needs accountability. In your business, holding yourself accountable is validated by getting more responsibility. When your stakeholders observe and benefit from your efforts, they will trust you and give you more to do.

The remaining 40% of your success quotient is power-driven by your effectiveness. By leveraging your smarts, your effectiveness ensures that you add value, provide exemplary client service, and maximize your profitability. You control how you demonstrate your effectiveness to others.

You start with a goal that you want to reach. You then articulate and communicate your goal’s intent to your listeners. The way you communicate your intentions deeply influences how your listeners will act and react. When you leverage your intent effectively, your listeners will clearly receive your direction, and will act accordingly. But sometimes your communication efforts backfire and you are not perceived the way you want to be seen.