This 47th episode in the After It Rains blog will enable you to confront all elephants in all rooms by managing adeptly and leading responsibly and decisively.

Each day you juggle myriad matters of varying importance and urgency that demand not only your attention but decisive action.

In her inaugural OPEN MIC AIJA session, “See You in September,” Debra Forman led an interactive discussion on how to prepare for Q4 and deal with your practice and clients pragmatically, creatively, and effectively.

To keep your business relationship bar high, you want to clearly draw the line between being friends vs. friendly.

This 46th episode in the After It Rains blog will enable you to see that the ultimate measure is the value you give others, not the numbers of friends you have made.

As a recognized expert in communication, branding, and managing others' expectations,  Debra Forman is highlighted in Aimee Davis's recent blog on key components for success in getting and keeping clients, and persuading others.

Debra Forman joined AIJA President Paola Fudakowska’s ‘Virtual Coffee with the President’ on May 29. This week’s chat featured an Open Mic session with Debra addressing issues related to client and firm management issues.

When you communicate without personal management, you remove yourself from your discussion’s power source.

This 45th episode in the After It Rains blog will enable you to hold yourself accountable and stop being your own worst enemy.

Debra Forman was a panelist at the first Legalmondo interactive webinar, which rather than dwelling solely on the present COVID-19 crisis will peak over the horizon and share how to prepare for a return to a “new normal.” The panel discussed what comes next, with a focus on business and communication strategies.