Debra Forman is an Exhibitor and the only coach providing individual coaching sessions during AIJA's inaugural Commission's Month, October 20-November 20, 2020.

This 48th episode in the After It Rains blog will enable you to be deliberate and demonstrate the leader you are by breaking through your immobilizing blocks.

Like the door frame your parents used to keep track of your childhood growth and development, you want a trustworthy lens through which you regularly assess your professional and personal effectiveness.

This 47th episode in the After It Rains blog will enable you to confront all elephants in all rooms by managing adeptly and leading responsibly and decisively.

Debra Forman is showcased in Aimee Davis’s recent blog on the importance of being silent, as seen in this highlighted excerpt.

Each day you juggle myriad matters of varying importance and urgency that demand not only your attention but decisive action.

As a recognized expert in communication, branding, and managing others' expectations,  Debra Forman is highlighted in Aimee Davis's recent blog on key components for success in getting and keeping clients, and persuading others.

In her inaugural OPEN MIC AIJA session, “See You in September,” Debra Forman led an interactive discussion on how to prepare for Q4 and deal with your practice and clients pragmatically, creatively, and effectively.

To keep your business relationship bar high, you want to clearly draw the line between being friends vs. friendly.

This 46th episode in the After It Rains blog will enable you to see that the ultimate measure is the value you give others, not the numbers of friends you have made.