Pinstripe Testimonials

What Pinstripe’s Clients Are Saying

“Recently, I had the good fortune to reap the benefits of Debra’s coaching expertise in a small group networking environment. She is a master at forcing the introspection and focus required to make tough decisions in business planning and guiding towards solutions.   Debra’s insights, professionalism and guidance are priceless. She provides valuable tools that can be implemented in your business – designed for you to experience immediate results.”
Entrepreneur & Owner, Events and Communications Agency (Toronto)

“Your session was absolutely fantastic because as a young female lawyer I felt like you were speaking directly to me and I left your session feeling empowered. The small booklet that you provided was genius and is consulted on a daily basis at my desk. Your presentation was engaging and relaxed, which of course allowed everyone in the room to just sit back and take it all in. You encouraged active participation during the session and even engaged in light banter with the audience. You spoke about issues that were current (e.g. LinkedIn) and inspired me to think about them from my relatively new point of view of a young lawyer. Another note that stuck with me was when you said that even quiet people should allow people to see how powerful they are inside. This is really something that has stayed with me, even though or perhaps because I am not particularly quiet.

“I really enjoyed how you approached the different bullet points from your ABC booklet, where you firstly dealt with how to improve one’s own personality and character, then how to make that self work in the profession, then in a group or community and lastly how to develop one’s network. It made me feel like I did not have to compromise one or the other, but instead should work on developing them so that they are compatible. This is mainly because how I view myself reflects directly on the “work me”, the “me in a group” and my ability to develop a network.

“Everything about your session and presentation was upbeat, light and positive even though it inspired deep and serious thought both during as well as after the session. This overall positive experience was further increased after we happened to sit together on the train on our day trip and I saw how engaging you were even when not presenting. This conveyed to me genuine warmth, which made me appreciate you as someone who is incredibly motivational and inspiring even more. Before this session, I had no idea what an executive coach actually did. I always wondered where I would seek help on developing my professional self because none of my parents are lawyers or even professionals in the true sense of the word. So for me personally, this was not merely a session, it was a life experience.

“There is really so much more positive feedback that I could give. I have and will always recommend you to any and everyone.
Intellectual Property Associate, National Law Firm (Helsinki)

“Debra is a very effective coach. Working with her when transitioning to a new job allowed me to rebuild my confidence and get to where I wanted to be. Debra’s practical advice, continuous support and instructive job search and interview preparations enabled me to quickly attain my goals. I highly recommend Debra.”
VP and General Counsel, International Communications and Public Relations Company (Toronto)

“Debra was a fantastic career coach, who helped me during my transition from a junior to senior associate. Working with her allowed me to delegate and manage work more effectively and made a huge difference in the way our group worked together. Debra was very creative in being able to deal with new issues as they arose from week to week. I highly recommend her.”
Patent Prosecutor, National Intellectual Property Law Firm (San Francisco)

“I really enjoyed your session at the Congress and meeting you there. Your session was by far my favorite, really fantastic. You really gave us good tips and insights to remember in our daily personal and professional life. Tips that our day to day does not allow us to stop and think about them. So for that reason, I wanted to thank you your time. I watched your last making rain chapter. Its content was very inspiring again.”
Senior Associate, National Firm (Barcelona)

“Thank you again very much for the session we had at the Congress 2011! It was very helpful as you summarised my thoughts and interests, so that you -as a “stranger”- gave me a neutral sight of my real own future visions and motives. It was summarising and confirming my own interests. For me it was important to receive your professional and independent view on my future changes!
And not to forget: Your workshop at the Congress was a very intense and full of useful information and experiences presentation that I believe everyone enjoyed and felt enriched the same as I did when leaving the room.”
Senior Lawyer and In-House Counsel (Cologne)

“A few months ago I attended a Conference in Amsterdam. On my first day, I met this young female lawyer from Belgium, who told me about Debra and invited me to one of her sessions. I was lucky enough to attend, as meeting Debra turned out to be just the thing I needed at this point of my career. I was truly amazed by Debra from the start and since then, she has been great inspiration for me. I thank Debra for that and hope to continue working with her in the future.”
Senior Bankruptcy Associate (Baltic Law Firm)

“I was attending your session and it was really great!. You remind me those positive aspects that we use to forget when you are working under stress. It was very helpful for me in order to concentrate myself in the positive aspects of my profession and my woman condition and gave me a kind of “fresh air”. It was great to discover/remember that women are innate relationship builders that we cannot control other’s impressions but we can control how we market ourselves. But If I should point out the best income for me after your session (which although was more than 3 hours it seemed to be for me just 20 minutes) I would say that the best message was “to focus on what is right and not on what is wrong”. I have been practicing it since then and not only in my profession but in my life in general and it is the best income. Thank you again!”
Senior Associate, National Law Firm (Barcelona)

“I met Debra in January 2010 with a vision to start a Relocation business. After 8 sessions over 5 months we have created something great. Debra truly gives herself and time like no other person I have met. Life is amazing when relationships are formed by chance and meant to be e.g. Debra gave of her time to Big Brothers and Sisters and that is how we met. I highly recommend Debra for executive coaching. I look forward to a continued relationship in the months and years ahead.”
Owner, International Personalized Relocation Service (Toronto)

“Debra’s coaching and insights were instrumental in helping me shape my career goals and priorities. Having Debra as a coach was definitely a value added experience that I would recommend to others.”
General Counsel, National Retail Drug Store Group (Toronto)

“I had 6 sessions with Debra over a 6 week period. My goal was for her to help me in my transition from a systems analyst/developer to a project manager. I’ve read many self improvement books like Steven Covey’s 7 Habits and the 8th Habit. However, nothing compares to having an experienced coach custom analyze where you are and where you want to go. Debra and I explored what the scope of my new role would be. I described the roles of my manager and my director. I described the team we had of developers and consultants. Each week, I presented the different events happening in our group as we worked to close out our recent merger. Debra helped me to figure out based on my particular skills and title what part I should play, how I could positively affect the situation. Debra helped me figure out what the right responses should be for interacting with the business and with IT counterparts in other groups. Debra helped me form action plans and to go over the thinking behind it. Debra helped me to figure out how to find my bearings when new events invalidated my previous action plans. I will credit Debra for saving me time and helping me to focus on what I should be doing in my new role. I highly recommend her.”
IT Project Manager, Wholesale Power Generation Company (Princeton)

“Working with Debra in connection with professional and client development was an absolute delight. With a sophisticated understanding of business and people, Debra worked with me to develop an array of business strategies that I have been able to comfortably and successfully implement. The process was challenging and engaging. Most important, it works. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Litigation Counsel, Law Firm (New York)

“I began working with Debra as an interim manager, and she was extremely helpful to me in my transition to manager. Beyond the assistance she provided during my transition, I benefit greatly from Debra’s strength in tailoring communication when I work with my manager. I have experienced positive results first hand, and I have seen her impact on fellow managers at my company. I highly recommend Debra as a management coach/mentor.”
IT Manager, Wholesale Power Generation Company (Houston)

“Debra Forman worked with many of our associates, counsel and partners to provide exceptional coaching and guidance on everything from improved time management skills to business development. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and sparked our attorneys into action, which we have already been able to quantify. Debra is committed, bright, experienced and caring, and has the unique ability to be both friend and devil’s advocate to get the best out of those with whom she works.”
Director of Professional Development, National Law Firm (San Francisco)

“Working with Debra has been one of the best experiences of my career. As I was fairly new to the position of IT, Manager, Debra was able to help me develop the skills necessary for me to be successful as a manager. When I first started working with Debra I was not clear what value she could add. In a very short time I realized her value. I would highly recommend Debra’s services to anyone; it doesn’t matter if you are new to management or experienced.”
IT Manager, Wholesale Power Generation Company (Princeton)

“I’ve been very, very happy with my experience with Debra Forman of Pinstripe Coaching. Debra keeps me motivated and churning on my business efforts, regardless of how busy I might be. She advises me on how best to conduct my business development efforts and navigate thorny internal issues. Debra’s approach is customized to my personality and personal situation. No canned answers or management-speak cliches, just sensible answers.”
Corporate Partner, National Law Firm (New York)

“Debra brings an experienced blend of insight, sensitivity and objective realism to every interaction. Many times she has helped me discover solutions that I am convinced I would never have found on my own.”
Senior Vice President, Fortune 50 Financial Services Firm (New York)

“Debra Forman is a professional with great integrity and the highest ethical standards. She is also a creative thinker who can offer great professional planning, development and marketing advice. I give my highest recommendation.”
Litigation Partner, National Law Firm (New York)

“Debra is one of the pioneers of professional and business development in law firms, with excellent experience in both sectors. She is confident, vivacious and knows how to reach an audience. I would recommend her either as a professional or business development consultant, or as a coach who can work with professionals to get them to raise their game.”
Partner and Managing Director, Professional Excellence, National Law Firm (Toronto)

“Debra is an innovative thinker and inspires her clients to reach beyond the ordinary mainstream of personal and professional development. Debra’s Executive Coaching fosters effective communication, leadership enhancement and focuses her clients on their individual ability to achieve successful results. Debra is, simply put, fabulous.”
Litigation Counsel, National Law Firm (New York)

“Debra is an unbelievable coach. She is gifted in her ability to effectively coach people by identifying issues and obstacles that are preventing one from achieving their goals. She is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend her.”
Vice-President, Fortune 50 Financial Services Firm (New York)

“Debra is unique in that she takes her effective career tools and tailors them to her clients’ specific and individual needs. She is motivating, a great listener and is committed to helping her clients attain their goals. If you are interested in taking your career to the next level, I highly recommend Debra. Her proven strategies will, no doubt, open big doors for you and your business.”
Labour Lititgation Associate, National Law Firm (Los Angeles)

“Debra is super supportive and always positive and motivating. She would be an asset to any industry, but has a particular expertise in the politics of law firms. I enjoyed hearing her creative ideas and innovative approaches to developing and establishing professional relationships and networking. A breath of fresh air!”
Corporate Counsel, National Law Firm (New York)