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Being smart gets you 60% of the way to achieving your success.

The remaining 40% of your success quotient is power-driven by your effectiveness.

By leveraging your smarts, your effectiveness ensures that you add value, provide exemplary client service, and maximize your profitability.

You control how you demonstrate your effectiveness to others.

Your ability to strategically and expertly manage your communication will enable you to be perceived as you want to be seen.

Your effectiveness is unique to you.

Your effectiveness has clients reach out to you over other colleagues at the firm.

Reaching your goals is a complicated process.

You start with a goal that you want to reach. You then articulate and communicate your goal’s intent to your listeners.

The way you communicate your intentions deeply influences how your listeners will act and react. When you leverage your intent effectively, your listeners will clearly receive your direction, and will act accordingly.

But sometimes your communication efforts backfire and you are not perceived the way you want to be seen.

How do you go from having a clear and specific intent to being ill-perceived?

You may prevent yourself from embracing change, because you do not see the business case for implementing change. Or you may be a strong proponent of the adage if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Perhaps you are really challenged in making decisions.

When you resist change, you hold yourself back from moving forward, experiencing opportunities, and displaying your leadership abilities.
It is time to break your default tendencies to resist change and take risk.

Changing something does not have to be a monumental experience.

Everyone wants to win.

It is a given that it can be very frustrating and disappointing not to win, whether your effort is on winning a proposal for new business, court case, leadership position, or any other goal you set to achieve.

To win and experience are deeply entwined. You do not lose by not winning.

Instead, you gain valuable and tangible experience particularly when you fail at attaining the goal you initially sought. When you win you focus on the win, full stop.

In a necessary and long overdue need to right the balance of power and decency, a daily spotlight has been shone on the integrity of organizations, both public and private and that of individuals, regardless of celebrity status.  As it should.

You always want to promote a culture of integrity at your firm, full stop.

To demonstrate that you know your boundaries and maintain a high ethical bar, ensure that all your thoughts and actions are conducted and leveraged through your lens of integrity.

A law firm alliance is a collaborative innovation that has varying levels of intimacy, exclusivity, and binding allegiances.

If your firm is looking to service a client in a jurisdiction where you do not have an office, and may need counsel on a regular basis but not so frequently or critically that you would merge with a local firm, consider joining an alliance.

An alliance is a viable option for building relationships with other counsel and sharing referrals without having to jump into a formal arrangement that could prove too costly, binding or, simply, unnecessary.

Happy new year! And what better time than the new year to commit to investing in your associates.

Your associates are fundamental to the success of your law firm. They should always be top of mind and have access to and gain benefits from your firm’s support and guidance.

A key mainstay in running a prosperous business is to build trust with your clients through the service your firm provides. This trust is assisted by developing and leveraging your associates.

Having a successive team of legal talent lets you structure your matters effectually, develop and engage your lawyers through appropriate delegation and staffing of matters and, particularly, enables your firm to consistently be sensitive to billing rates and client fees.


Dec 2017

Sweet Greetings

Too frequently, you are reactive in your tendencies when dealing with complicated matters and rectifying situations. Your adrenalin rush to right your wrong has you acting in ways that may not be conducive to achieving your best results.

A speedy resolution is not the outcome you want. The right solution is and should always be your goal. Slow down your impulses to hammer out an instant remedy. Instead, apply a slow fix.

Instead of avoiding problems, confront them head on and solve them as quickly as you can.

You will proactively increase your market footprint and achieve bigger and more targeted returns on investment when you actively control your practice and visibility and determine what work you want to do and with whom.

Bottom line, you increase your footprint by having a strong personal brand and an effective web presence.

Test your marketability by Googling yourself on a regular basis.

What kind of digital footprint do you see?

If you do not see the returns you want to see, it is time to update your information and redirect your market focus.