Happy New Year! And what better time than the new year to commit to regularly contacting your internal colleagues and showing genuine interest in them and their business. You get that this is a key way to build relationships with your clients. It is now time to leverage your client development skills and focus your attention on your internal colleagues.

Sometimes you don’t see what’s right in front of you. Opportunities can literally be just down the hall or a phone call or email away.

Welcome to 2016 and After It Rains, a new, practical blog from Pinstripe that picks up from the former Making Rain video series, which has now concluded after a successful six-year run.

After It Rains targets all things related to your successful business: developing your personal and professional brand; attracting new clients; and growing and maintaining your business relationships. Pinstripe’s new blog will not only focus your efforts on making rain and developing your business; it will also enable you to realize your professional goals after it rains.